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Pitch your Film in Cannes

Filmmakers are invited to pitch their short films, documentaries, and TV series projects at an engaging event in Cannes.

This independent cinema event, distinct from the official Cannes Film Festival, offers a platform for filmmakers to present their ideas in development to a panel of expert jurors and an interactive audience.

Participants will benefit significantly by observing others' pitches, learning effective pitching techniques, and receiving direct feedback on the viability of their projects.


This experience is invaluable for understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your project and gauging industry interest.

Location: Eden Hotel, Loho Screening Room, 133 rue d'Antibes, Cannes


  1. Participants must be accredited at the Cannes Film Festival, 
  2. Filmmakers must be present with booked accommodation in Cannes
  3. Projects should be in the development phase.

Learn from a Film Pitch Example available here.

Pitch Session Format:

  1. Pitch on Stage: 5 minutes
  2. Expert Panel Feedback: 5 minutes
  3. Audience Feedback / Q&A: 5 minutes

You will have with a clearer idea of what producers want and audiences expect from your film.

Expert Panel:

Our esteemed panel is of excellent pedigree in the film industry, highly knowledgable to advice you on how to take your project forward.

Additional Details:

  • Participation Fee of $300 for a 15-minute session on stage.
  • You will have your own film page to forward to stakeholders during the festival.
  • Invite 80 guests to your personal guest list to come watch your pitch.
  • Prize: Comprehensive Film Business Plan to propel your project forward.

Why Attend?

This is a golden opportunity to refine your pitching skills, learn from peers and industry experts, and validate the potential of your film project in a competitive environment.

Don’t miss out on the chance to showcase your project in front of film industry professionals. 

Submission Form
Add your international phone number in case we need to get hold of you.
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