Hi Filmmaker!

Get your film presented at film markets and get distribution in Cannes.

Thats what we need right now to package your film at film markets.

  1. Look at the guide to see the image sizes and video requirements. It has to exactly like that.
  2. Continue to 'my account', where you will see 'my content'. Add or edit your film from there.

How this Works

  • When you fill in the form and add images / trailer, a folder is automatically created for your film on Amazon CS Cloud. 
  • Streaming Channels need very precise image and video assets, once we submit, it will go through QC (Quality Control).

Do not hesitate at any time to email me lilian @

Questions, suggestions, all welcome.

We going to do this together.

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For film distribution, we require the following: Here are some of the assets that we need for successful sales. 

Prepare your images, videos and contracts so we have your assets ready for distribution.

The film itself: This may seem obvious, but the distributor will need a high-quality copy of the film in order to distribute it. The film must be provided digital files which we will upload to our cloud in the correct file structure with metadata for easy transfer to a streaming channel. 

Marketing materials: These include trailers, posters, press kits, and other materials that will be used to market the film to audiences and potential buyers. These materials may need to be customized for different platforms and territories. 

Chain of title documents: This includes all contracts and agreements that relate to the ownership and distribution of the film, such as contracts with cast and crew, music licensing agreements, and any other legal documents related to the film's production and distribution. 

Delivery elements: These are technical specifications that may be required by various distribution channels, such as the resolution and aspect ratio of the film, and sound and subtitling formats. 

Rights clearance documents: These are documents that demonstrate that all necessary permissions and clearances have been obtained for any copyrighted material included in the film, such as music, images, and footage from other sources.

Will write a much more detailed plan on how we going to do this, but in brief: 

Present all the films in a package, streamers will want to talk as so far we have 86 films. 

  • MIPTV: 17 - 19 April
  • Cannes Film Market: 16 - 24 May
  • MIPCOM: 16 - 19 October

Process of Windowing

Will aim to make deals in this order: 

  1. TVOD: Apple TV, iTunes, Vimeo on Demand, etc
  2. SVOD: Amazon Prime, Indieflix, Mubi, erc
  3. AVOD: Shorts TV, Pluto, Hulu, etc
  4. FAST Channels: Xumo, Roku, Peacock, etc
  5. Educational and Transport: University libraries for documentaries
  6. YouTube Channel: monetized