These Hands Were Made For Knockn'

After losing his title match, a dispirited boxer must reconnect to his family legacy in order to overcome his demons and get back in the ring.

After losing his title boxing match, and what he feels to be his identity, Marcus McCannon sinks into the deep end of the bottle. But living in the broken remnants of his childhood home, he begins to remember his past and proud family legacy.

He remembers both the best and the worst of his childhood: when his dad first agreed to train him as well as when his mother first became sick. Her time with Marcus limited, Alma De Leon McCannon tries to instill spiritual strength into Marcus that will outlast her physical presence.

As memories of his failure in the ring and the power of his family legacy wage their own knock-out match in his head, Marcus must decide to give in to his demons or to get back into the ring and become the man he is meant to be.

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17 minutes 31 seconds English Drama Short Film Sports United States 2022