String of Stories

Three women forced to accept a life of abuse and religious prostitution in childhood, raising children against unimaginable odds, still find strength to their story to the world, telling the world “It is time you stop this tradition.”

String of Stories, a production of Yes She Rises, is about three different women and three unique stories, connected by one common goal – to break away from the bondage of the Devadasi tradition which stands between them and their right to a life of dignity. Narrated by its protagonists – Parvati, Ambika and Sati (pseudonyms)– the film takes the audience into the traumatic world of these devadasis (servant of the goddess) whose low caste, class status, and gender disadvantaged them from a life of their choice.

The three women are united in their sufferings and trauma, but each has a unique and different story. They are looking to remold their lives, to give their children opportunities that were denied to them. They make an ardent appeal to put an end to the custom. Will that ritual be replayed, or will they triumph over it? Is the task theirs alone?

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1 hour 11 minutes 35 seconds Kannada Factual Documentary Human Rights India 2021