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No Promised Land

An indigenous American single mother entwined in a sordid affair with a wealthy businessman finds herself on the run from the law with her 3 year old son.

They say you can never go home again. For mother this isn't true since she doesn't seem to have any place to call home.

No Promised Land is the story of an immigrant indigenous woman struggle to survive in a small texas town with no family or links to this life. She gets involved in an affair with a wealthy businessman.

This affair ends with an accidental pregnancy turning her life upside down. Should she keep the baby or other options. She decides to keep the baby as her lover pulls away from her. Her lover eventually turns vengeful and pushes her and his son to the extreme fringes of the towns society. Mother's back is placed firmly against the wall.

Now mother decides to make a very rash decision to obtain money from lover he has owed to take care of there son. She goes to get her money and tragedy ensues. Mother and 3 year old son find themselves on the run.

About Filmmaker
Colin Bressler. After attending the School of Visual Arts in New York City where he received the award for Best Achievement in Cinematography, Colin began working in the industry as a First Assistant Cameraperson. Based on the film work he accumulated, he was nominated for the American Society of Cinematography Award for Best New Comer to the industry.

Colin went on to Lens a variety of other film projects and TV shows such as the History channels “Engineering An Empire”, “Its All Geek To Me” for the Discovery Channel, “Whose Wedding is It Anyway” for the Style Network and many more.
All Rights Available Worldwide
1 hour 8 minutes English Drama Feature Film Diversity United States 2022