Jack & Blue

Two friends in a blue van accidentally run over a girl. One of them, Jack, a famous TV host, escapes the scene and settles in an abandoned house. He does not leave it for 9 years until a mysterious artist sets fire to his rooftop.

Next day he offers to save Jack. Driving a bus, two friends hit a woman on their way to a music festival. One decides to return to the crime scene for her, the second one returns home.

He quickly changes his identity, abandons his current life of famous TV host and settles in an unknown abandoned house. Jack lives isolated from the world during 9 years. Stacks of his unsold books are his only company.

Until one day, an enigmatic artist Phoenix perpetrates an artistic and dramatic suicide against a fiery backdrop on Jack's rooftop. Jack saves Phoenix and locks him away for the night where he reads Jack's book and realizes his secret.

The next morning Phoenix offers to save Jack. For the next months, the City has been shaken by unexpected incidents, which begin as an act of terrorism, leading to panic for everyone around them, but invariably end with a joke.

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26 minutes 33 seconds English Drama Short Film Urban United States 2022