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Finding My Edge

A young woman sets her sights on the Tahoe 200 Ultramarathon to find the edge of her capability.

Sara Morris trained for the Tahoe200 ultramarathon for over a year. In this race of over 200 miles, hiking is maybe even more important than running.

When she set out, she thought she was in competition with other ultrarunners, but instead, she found out she was on a journey to understand herself better. It became a spiritual journey of discovery.

About Filmmaker
Jennifer Smith served in the USAF for twenty years as a judge advocate, deploying to Saudi Arabia in 2003, then continued as a federal contracts attorney for the VA. Creative projects called. Dwelling in possibility, she found a voice in writing and filmmaking. Finding My Edge is her debut film. The script for her next film, Soft Hands, was recently named a quarterfinalist in both the 2022 PAGE International Screenwriting Awards as well as the Vail Film Festival.
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15 minutes 55 seconds English Sports Documentary Health and Wellness United States 2023