Artist's Voices

Explore the relationship between artwork and music with the participation of 13 Italian contemporary artists: 8 visual artists (painters, sculptors, photographers) and 5 jazz musicians.

The film is made up of 4 parts (Sound, Light, Time, Sacred) in which the director proposes a remote dialogue between 8 artists involved in a confrontation that puts in evidence the different ways in which they live their "making art".

The goal is to propose a reflection on the "sacredness of art", that is the spirituality that accompanies the creation of a work of art regarding the rites with which each artist, for example, moves in his studio, but also the relationship between the artist and the silences that accompany the production of his works of art, to the light conditions he prefers, to the emotion of viewing the work of art before it is create .. just like in a mystical vision.

With the participation of 5 most important Italian jazz musicians: Paolo Fresu, Claudio Fasoli, Gianluigi Trovesi, Daniele Di Bonaventura, Francesco D'Auria.

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50 minutes Italian Factual Documentary Arts and Culture Italy 2021